Drivers can clean hazy headlights with everyday household item

MOTORISTS need to make sure they're doing more then just looking at the bulb when checking up on their headlights.

Often getting overlooked, foggy headlights can reduce visibility, which could cause an avoidable danger.

Foggy lights not only lower the visibility a driver has of the road, but also lower the visibility other drivers have of you, causing a hazard to the roads.

Cars running with dim lights, which can often be because of foggy headlights, can run the risk of getting an £1,000 fine.

There are many simple ways to clean foggy headlights, one of them being with toothpaste.

Hugo Griffiths, consumer editor at carwow said: "Rubbing toothpaste on the lights is perhaps the best known method, and the mildly abrasive properties of toothpaste can actually do a decent job of restoring your lights’ lustre." 

"You should be cautious, though: it’s important to thoroughly clean the lights first, and then mask off the areas surrounding them to prevent the paintwork being scratched as you rub away."

To clean your headlights with toothpastes, first cover all paint work around the light with tape that won't damage the cars paint work.



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Grab an old rag or cloth and squeeze a small dollop of toothpaste onto it.

Rub the toothpaste onto the light however you want, no particular motion works the most effective.

After giving them a scrub, clean them off with water.

If the headlights are still a bit foggy, repeat until you have the results you are after.

If toothpaste isn't working on your headlights, you can purchase headlight restoration kits.

Headlight restoration kits can be purchased from any garage or retails brands like Halfords.

The kits aren't as cost effective as a tube of toothpaste, with prices starting from £10.

If it isn't something you want to do yourself, garages and car valet services will clean them for you with prices averaging a £60 for a full, deep clean.

Drivers are always looking for DIY ways to keep their cars clean.

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A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can help remove any stubborn stains from a cars upholstery.

Air vents are often missed when cleaning a car.

Using a paint brush can help clean them out, especially as the bristles will be able to get in those hard to reach places that a dusting cloth wont.

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