Couple buy £800k home with pond ‘no one wanted’ and turn it into impressive swimming pool

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Dan and Nina, who are both designers, embark on a project to build a modern home and turn part of a pond in their garden, where drainage overflow from the local area is filtered in, into a safe space to swim. 

During tonight’s episode, Dan and Nina purchase an £800,000 plot of land in West Sussex near an estuary.

The land features a 1930s home in need of a major revamp with a large pond in the garden.

Drainage overflow from the local area is filtered into the pond in the garden, which is filled with green water and algae.

However, the couple are undeterred by the unique feature and have ambitious plans to build a new home on the land.

“Most people approaching the site saw this huge crater of a pond as a real, real negative, but it had been on the market for two years –no one wanted to buy it,” said Dan.

“There are lots and lots of things that could potentially go wrong, but, that’s where the poetry of the whole project comes together.

“That’s probably why lots of people haven’t done it before because I think it is actually quite challenging.”

The couple plan to demolish the old house and build two connected modern homes.

The project involves building an environmentally integrated house connected to a biodiverse crystal pond.

They set out to divide the pond into two sections where the front area is designed for swimming and another section reserved for drainage overflow.

The couple have ambitious plans to create a house with part of the building extended over an area of the pond designed for swimming.

A glass link is suspended over the water to connect the two buildings.

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“What we’re trying to create is this environment where you can literally open the kitchen window and jump into a natural swimming pond or pool,” explained Dan.

Dan explained that the water would be made safe to swim in, while ensuring there was no sign of blue algae, which is highly toxic.

Three months into the project Dan’s dad dies from cancer.

“The first time he acknowledged to me that he thought he was on his way out was when he said ‘I’m not going to be able to see the finished product’ about a month before he died,” said Dan.

“But it installed in me the fact that he was so proud of me with what I was doing and I think that’s what I have to take from it and make sure I do the project really, really well.”

Grand Designs airs tonight on Channel Four at 9pm.

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