CNN's Brian Stelter praises Biden for 'course-correcting' on false claims that are fact-checked by journos

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CNN’s left-wing media guru Brian Stelter bizarrely praised President Biden over what he referred to as “course-correcting” whenever fact-checkers push back against various falsehoods. 

On Sunday’s installment of his media show “Reliable Sources,” Stelter spoke with CNN’s star “fact-checker” Daniel Dale while attempting to celebrate how truthful Biden is in comparison to his predecessor, former President Trump, who Stelter said “deteriorated in terms of accuracy.” 

“Here’s what I think is most interesting about Biden. I’ve noticed and you’ve noticed- he changes when he’s been fact-checked. He course-corrects,” Stelter enthusiastically shared. “So you or other fact-checkers call him out, point out something is inaccurate, he does stop saying it in several different instances, maybe not fast enough, but that’s a big difference from Trump. Biden or his team- whoever is writing his scripts, does seem to be reacting to fact-checking. Is that right?” 

“It is in at least some cases,” Dale gently pushed back. “So there are some false and misleading claims that Biden has repeated without correction, but I’ve counted at least two cases in which he or his team said something wrong… and then they never said it again. They significantly amended their language.” 

CNN media pundit Brian Stelter raised eyebrows after he said that "mostly right-wing media" is behind the growing push for Joe Biden not to debate President Trump. 

While he cited the Biden administration’s retired false claim that its infrastructure plan would create “19 million jobs,” Dale didn’t fact-check Stelter’s praise of the president by pointing to other remarks that were repeated even after they were fact-checked, including his falsehoods about Georgia’s election reform bill that was given “Four Pinocchios” by The Washington Post as well as the eccentric claim Biden repeated in his joint address to Congress that he “flew” “17,000 miles” with Chinese President Xi when they were both vice presidents. 


On Sunday night, Stelter appeared to water down his pro-Biden gushing in a writeup of the segment, running the headline, “The Biden administration is taking fact checks to heart, at least some of the time.”

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