Cleaning hacks: The ‘easiest’ dishwashing methods that will ‘cut down wash time a lot’

TikTok user shows off a 'hack' for cleaning your dishwasher

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Washing dishes is a time-consuming chore, and the longer you put it off, the more the task piles up. With festivities in full swing, Christmas is a busy time for those who don’t own a dishwasher at home. Luckily, some savvy Reddit users have shared their top dishwashing hacks that can “cut down wash time a lot”.

Rinse immediately

According to Reddit user TheBigRedWookie, the easiest way to tackle dishes is by rinsing them first.

This doesn’t necessarily mean getting on with the entire task straight away, but simply spraying down each plate or item of cutlery with a bit of water and then leaving to soak.

They said: “I’ve found the easiest method is to immediately rinse them off.

“Not wash just rinse real good.

“Cuts down on the wash time a lot, when you do wash.”

Wash as you cook

User SpoonRaker recommends incorporating the dishwashing process into another task.

They advise people to “clean as you cook”.

This is a method that is often used by chefs in kitchens who put into practice the “clean as you go” rule.

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The Reddit user explained: “The minute you’re done with something and you have a moment to spare, wash that thing.

“Ideally by the time you’re done cooking you only have to wash maybe a single pot or pan plus the plate you eat off of.

“It’s not going to make cooking take any longer and it’ll make doing the dishes after eating much more approachable.”

Be disciplined

One of the main reasons why dishes tend to pile up is simply because people put the task off for as long as possible.

On Christmas Day this may feel particularly tempting, but specifying some time when you will tackle the load over the coming days is a good way to ensure the chore doesn’t get out of hand.

User SpoonRaker says it is key to practise “discipline in general”.

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They said: “Every time you think to yourself ‘I’ll wash these after the next meal’, just imagine how much more powerful that same thought is going to be when there are two meals worth of dishes instead of one.

“Even if it really sounds terrible, never put washing off until later.

“It will always be worse when you put it off.

“Just go through the temporary pain of making it a habit.

“Five minutes a few times a day is so much better than a mountain of dishes occasionally.”

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