Changing Rooms’ Russell and Jordan on homeowners biggest mistake – ‘People are terrified’

Changing Rooms: Jordan paints the walls using a broom

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Changing Rooms returned with two new designers last month and exclusively spoke to them about their time on the show. Relatively new to the interior design industry, Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe know how to leave a lasting impression with their bold colour choices and innovative DIY creations. But what are their top tips for transforming a space?

Changing Rooms was a beloved TV staple for many in the 90s and 2000s and after a contemporary makeover, the show returned to Channel 4 with a modern-day reboot last month. 

Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen and his leather trousers are back and he has been joined by two new designers, Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe. 

For anyone new to the creative genius’, Jordan made an appearance on BBC Two’s The Great Interior Design Challenge back in 2014 and was the runner-up. 

Following his success, the couple were compelled to launch their own design company, 2 Lovely Gays and were soon snapped up to take part in Changing Rooms. 

Over the past couple of weeks, they have been helping transform a room in someone’s home with the help of the neighbours. 

From creating unique artwork using synthetic hairpieces, to wrapping a wall in vinyl, Russell and Jordan are not afraid to go where not many would with their creative choices. 

So what tips do they have for anyone looking to transform their home? 

And are there some things homeowners shouldn’t do when it comes to an interiors makeover? 

Russell explained: “As a studio we’re all about having the tools to do things and not necessarily rules. 

“So, the first thing I would say is don’t follow trends, it’s all too easy to be distracted by something shiny and new but actually they can often take you off track from what your clients want to achieve. 

“And we always start with our clients, and what it is that they love and what it is that you love as a person. 

“So who cares if pink is the most fashionable colour at the moment, if you hate pink, that’s fine, absolutely, do not have pink,” he continued. 

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“A great tip that we often say is to look into your wardrobe and see what you have in there that perhaps you don’t wear often but when you do wear it makes you feel fantastic. 

“That could be like a bright orange scarf, or even a red lipstick or a purple tie – something that brings you joy and makes you feel great and start there,” Russell added. 

Jordan said: “The idea behind the designs – I think a lot of the time, you just need permission to kind of go there. 

“So, a lot of what we tried to put into the show was about saying ‘you have permission, give it a go’. 

“That’s exactly what this is about!” Russell remarked. “Obviously, it’s a great entertainment show but we want there to be a real takeout that people feel that they can try in their own homes. 

“It’s interesting that you mentioned lime green as well it’s sort of it’s been an arch-nemesis colour of ours for quite a while. 

“I think it sort of brings back those memories of 90s flashbacks and things, people are terrified.

“ Well, I’m not going to say give too much away but in one of the later episodes we do face-off that arch-nemesis, and try and find something that does go well with it [lime green].” 

Changing Rooms airs on Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4. You can also catch up on All 4.

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