Brilliant Galaxy S20 deal gets you 64GB of data for £39 a month with low upfront cost

WE'VE found a cracking Galaxy S20 deal just days after the new models have launched.

The new Samsung flagship has meant other phones have seen discounts since its arrival on March 13 – but now the S20 has its own.

The brilliant deal is available from Carphone Warehouse, and it’s got a bit of everything.

Offered on O2, the contract provides the usual unlimited texts and minutes but with 64GB of data.

And for the length of the two years, the monthly cost comes in at £39.

That’s a hefty amount of data for one of the lowest monthly costs we’ve seen.

  • Galaxy S20 on O2 (60GB of data), £39 a month (£99 upfront) – buy here

But it gets even better, the upfront cost of this deal is just £99.

The lowest upfront cost we’ve seen for similar data so far is well over £100.

Our previous 'best deal' costed £150 up front and £1,014 over the length of the contract.

This deal is slightly more expensive across two years at £1,035.

But it has a lower initial cost and includes 24GB more data each month.

In fact, it’s the best mix of data and value in an S20 deal we can see anywhere online.

  • Galaxy S20 on O2 (60GB of data), £39 a month (£99 upfront) – buy here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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