Border Patrol agent saves illegal immigrant injured while being smuggled at border

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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has published a stunning image of a Border Patrol agent carrying an illegal immigrant to safety after the migrant was purportedly injured while being smuggled into the U.S. – one of the thousands of rescues agents have carried out this year.

“#BP Special Operations Detachment carry a migrant out of the brush and to safety,” Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings tweeted Thursday. “The migrant suffered an injury while being smuggled into the US.”

The image shows the agent carrying the muddied, heavy-set adult migrant on his shoulders to safety through the hazardous terrain.

While the image is striking, it is a common occurrence for Border Patrol which, despite being lambasted by the radical left for enforcing immigration law, rescues thousands of migrants each week.

There were 7,084 rescues by Border Patrol in Fiscal Year (FY) 2021, according to data through the end of May; the current fiscal year ended June 30. That’s already higher than the 5,255 rescues in FY 2020 and the 5,297 conducted in FY 2019.

In addition to adults, Border Patrol agents have also rescued a number of children who have been dumped at the border and left to fend for themselves in the harsh conditions.

Those rescues are likely only to continue as the intense heat of the summer months escalates through July and August. Migrants face the risk of excessive heat, treacherous landscapes and other hazards such as rattlesnakes and even other migrants.

RGV sector announced this week it had rescued a woman who ran toward agents and said she had escaped from her attacker, a smuggler who had separated her from her family and forced her to the ground and ripped her clothes. She was taken in by Border Patrol.

Last month, agents in Arizona rescued a wounded woman who was being raped on the Mexican side of the border before helping Mexican authorities apprehend the assailant.

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