Billy Connolly home: The £2million Florida mansion where the comedian resides

Billy Connolly talks about the one show he'd go back and change

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Billy Connolly appeared on ITV’s Billy Connolly: My Absolute Pleasure on Sunday night. Fans were given a look at his home in Florida.

Billy purchased the mansion in the Key West in Florida in 2016.

The 400 square feet property features five beds and five baths.

It was purchased for a staggering $3.2million, which is around £2.39million.

In the one-off ITV documentary, Billy he spoke about his move to Florida.

He said: “I didn’t settle in Florida Keys.

“My wife settled in Florida Keys, with all the furniture.

“She sold my house and moved to the Florida Keys and gave me the option of whether I want to come or not.”

While it was not necessarily his first decision to move there, Billy praised the area.

The comedy legend added: “This is a good place – there’s a lot of old hippies that live here and people who refuse to get old.

“And it suits me lovely.”

In the show, he spoke from inside his home, giving viewers a rare insight.

What is his property like?

Billy filled various shots of him sat in his garden and showed off a colour decor.

At one point, he was shown sat on the porch outside his home.

There was a white wooden staircase with a range of outside furniture in a light blue and white hue.

Behind the star sat dark blue cushions in front of blue wooden beams. 

There were stunning views of trees and open water in the background.

Down the stairs, Billy sat on a plush blue sofa.

There was a glass coffee table sat in front of the star.

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