Billboard slams Reuters for conflicting reporting about Cubans, BLM protestors spreading COVID

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A group dedicated to exposing bias in the mainstream media parked a mobile billboard outside the corporate office of Reuters this week to protest the newsgathering services’ claim that COVID-19 could be spread by Cuban protestors but not by Black Lives Matter demonstrators. 

Accuracy in Media got irked that Reuters warned that Cubans protesting against the socialist regime “will increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission” only 12 months after downplaying the likelihood of a spike following Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020.

The media watchdog group responded by sending a mobile billboard to the Reuters’ swanky New York City office that read “Reuters: The best comrade a communist ever had!”

Accuracy in Media sent a mobile billboard to the Reuters’ New York City office that said, "Reuters: The best comrade a communist ever had!"

The billboard called attention to the conflicting reports published by Reuters. Accuracy in Media also noticed that Reuters only shared the story about the increased risk of coronavirus spreading to one of its international Twitter accounts – the Reuters Venezuela account.

“Reuters has a massive reach across the globe and it’s terrifying to see them use this power to strategically take a stand against anti-communist protests. This wire service should focus on reporting facts rather than on placating a dictator,” Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette told Fox News.

“The job of a journalist is to report the facts evenly, regardless of their personal politics. By claiming BLM protests won’t spread COVID but saying anti-communist protests will, Reuters has made it clear that it values ideology over honesty,” Guillette continued. “And by making a specific point to share this story in Venezuela, it’s clear that Reuters has taken a purposeful stand against anti-communists.” 

Reuters did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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