Biden’s ‘inhumane’ message puts migrants in hands of smugglers, traffickers: Chad Wolf

Chad Wolf on Biden’s policies leading to border crisis

Former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf argues the Biden administration is lying to migrants amid the border surge.

President Biden’s “inhumane” border policies are encouraging migrants to put themselves in the “hands of smugglers and traffickers,” former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf told “America Reports” Thursday.

WOLF: I think you have to say that the crisis that we currently see is the Biden plan, is what they had in mind all along. Whether they thought that they would get the numbers as quickly as they have is up for question, but I think this is their plan. But when she [Roberta Jacobson] talks about inhumane or humane policy [or] that there’s pent-up demand, I vehemently disagree with that.

I think it’s the most inhumane message that you can give and you can sell all of these individuals a lie, and what do I mean by that? We know that the vast majority of these folks do not qualify for asylum, and so they are eventually going to have to be deported or leave the country and go back to their countries of origin. They know that the Biden administration knows that. So they are selling these individuals a lie, encouraging them to put themselves in the hands of smugglers and traffickers, and so my opinion is that is the most inhumane message in any humane policy that you can deliver.

Absolutely, [the border] is open and what we know, and in my experience over the last several years, is that messages from U.S. government officials do not work. We tried it. The only message that, again, the cartels and the smugglers and the traffickers hear and see is whether or not individuals crossing that border illegally remain in the U.S. or deported in a very quickly, very quick time frame.

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