BBC iPlayer launches new 'Children's Mode' with kid-friendly TV – how to find it

PARENTS can now choose a dedicated Children's Mode on BBC iPlayer.

It means you don't have to worry about your child accidentally watching one of the Beeb's adult TV shows or movies.

Most major streaming services already offer a child-safe mode – including Netflix and Disney+.

Now the BBC has finally c aught up with its own "children's iPlayer experience".

It's got loads of kid-friendly telly, including David Walliams classics like The Boy in the Dress and Gangsta Granny.

"Keeping children informed, educated and entertained at home during these unprecedented times is going to be even more important than ever," said Alice Webb, the BBC's chief of Children and Education.

"Whether it’s being a number detective with the Numberblocks, going on a global adventure with Go Jetters, or learning about the planet’s deadliest animals with Deadly 60.

"This new experience gives children of all ages a place to go to do that.

"We can’t promise solving the sibling tiffs over what to watch.

"But we can make it even easier to bring families and kids an incredible choice of shows and films on iPlayer.

"Children and parents can be assured the BBC will be for them during these challenging times."

The new mode is available when you load up iPlayer and select who's watching.

You'll now see a monster-shaped "children" button, which opens up loads of child-safe content.

The BBC says it wants to give parents "confidence" that kids are watching suitable shows.

Content is curated from across CBeebies, CBBC and other age-appropriate BBC programmes and brands.

The user interface has also been remade with a "bright and bold" design aimed at kids.

There are child-friendly categories for kids to browse, including Trending, Drama, Funny and Cartoons.

And the Children's Mode also makes it easy to quickly access the CBeebies and CBBC channels.

The BBC may have been spurred into action by the upcoming launch of Disney+.

Disney will launch its iPlayer and Netflix rival in the UK on March 24, hoping to attract British families with its massive roster of content.

It boasts the Disney and Pixar back catalogues, 600 episodes of The Simpsons, the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, and loads of National Geographic documentaries too.

And at £5.99 a month for the full package, it comes in well below the cost of BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

Pressure is now mounting on the BBC to offer better value for money with its digital streaming service.

In other news, find out all the TV shows and movies that'll be available on Disney+.

Some experts think Brits will binge Disney+ extra hard due to the coronavirus lockdown.

And check out our guide to Netflix parental controls.

What other changes would you like to see made to BBC iPlayer? Let us know in the comments!

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