Banish breeding maggots from your wheelie bin with ‘the best’ 27p ingredient

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Your wheelie bin goes through a lot, constantly housing kitchen and household waste. However, things can get a whole lot worse if leaky rubbish bags fill the bottom of your bin with “garbage juice”.

Not only does this substance leave quite the stench, but it can also become a breeding ground for flies and maggots.

However, there is one “simple” household ingredient which is said to be “the best” when it comes to banishing unwanted pests from your outside bin.

Flies are typically attracted to the contents of bins, particularly if they are filled with leftover food scraps.

Of course, bin juice can also lure in flies.

Once in the bin, they can lay eggs on the rubbish which later hatch into maggots.

According to Wheelie Bin Solutions: “Maggots don’t plague all bins but unfortunately, there is a higher risk of maggots in wheelie bins containing food, bins that aren’t frequently emptied or cleaned.”

Though the risk is far higher in the hot summer months, the problems still exist during the winter.

This is why TikTok user @sisterpledgecleans has said filling the bottom of her wheelie bin with salt has become an “unconscious standard practice”.

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She points out that salt, which can be easily purchased in supermarkets such as Asda for as little as 27p, can not only kill off maggots but soak up any smelly liquid pooling in the bottom of your bin.

Once your bin has been thoroughly washed and is clean, pour a decent serving of table salt into the bottom of the bin and leave.

This should be repeated as part of your weekly or monthly bin clean.

Sharing her TikTok video to Instagram, SisterPledgeCleans wrote: “A good dose of cheap table salt at the bottom of a clean bin will absorb any leaking bags and flies that land on it or hatching maggots that feed on it will die.

“It’s the simple hacks that work the best!”

According to Wheelie Bin Solutions, salt is not the only way to keep unwanted critters out of your bin.

Regularly washing and disinfecting your bin is the most important way to keep it clean.

Using a strong-smelling detergent can act as a deterrent to flies.

The experts then recommend always keeping your bin lid closed.

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Wheelie Bin Solutions states: “Don’t be tempted to overfill your bin, as this will leave a gap between the top of the bin and the lid.”

When disposing of food packaging, try to wash and clean each packet before putting it in the bin.

This will ensure no food residue is left over for flies to feast on.

In the event you do find maggots nesting in your bin, kill them instantly by pouring boiling water over them.

Then disinfect your bin using quality bleach to destroy any remaining eggs.

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