Army Vet-Turned-Lawmaker, 33, Adopts Baby Boy During Coronavirus Then Deploys to Work on Hospital

While Rose stayed at a former military installation, Byrne had her mother come to help her with Miles. Rose returned home when his two weeks were up, but he had to quarantine for another 14 days so Byrne and their son stayed with Rose’s parents. Still, Byrne would sometimes bring Rose a meal and stand 10 feet away holding the baby so they could have a little family time.

But Rose downplays the hardship.

“Any sacrifice that we have made during this time, whether it’s deploying for a few weeks, or whatever else it might be, it’s really so small in comparison to the sacrifices that have been made during this time,” he says.

In these early weeks of their parenthood, there have been scrambles to find diapers and purified nursery water to mix with baby formula, but it has only taken a little sleuthing to find them. Then there is the fact that Congress is working from home these days, and the living room of their apartment is not the same as an office.

“Oh my God does he cry,” Rose says of Miles. “When he cries, it’s right up to the highest volume. He’s a loud crier. Sometimes I’m certainly putting the phone on mute.”

Byrne had planned to work, too, but her business has temporarily waned. “It’s a rare thing in history that’s happening right now, and Max and I being together is a necessity," she says. "We have to be together and be at home, and for that I’m so grateful.”

The couple began working with an adoption attorney more than a year ago, after finding out that Byrne was infertile. Eight months later they matched with a birth mother, whom they got to know extensively over the phone.

“It was a very intimate time for all of us," Byrne says. "We loved her as much as she loved us. It was kismet."

Rose hopes to grow their family, but he politely defers to his wife on the subject. “If we are lucky enough to have another birth mother choose us," she says, "we would love to have more children."

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