Apple bug means your iPhone may be leaking your text habits to friends

YOU may want to watch out for this iPhone bug if you're bad at replying to your friends.

A recurring iOS problem with Apple's Messages app is said to be rearing its head again.

According to MacRumors, the bug can affect the "read receipts" feature on your iPhone.

It can result in your iPhone sending read receipts even if you've turned the feature off.

This means someone could see that you've read their iMessage and not replied.

If you have the feature enabled, the "Delivered" statement that you see when you send someone a text or iMessage turns to "Read" when they've read it.

It means they can also see when you've read their message.

Users of iOS 15 have been reporting that their read receipts feature cannot be disabled.

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Some people have found that restarting their devices can solve the problem temporarily.

You could also try turning the feature off and on again.

Go to Settings, click Messages, and then scroll to "Send Read Receipts".

Here you can try toggling the feature on and off.

No permanent fix seems to be available at the moment.

We have reached out to Apple for comment.

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