‘Absolutely swear by this’: Mrs Hinch fans share £1 hack to remove toilet bowl stains

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchcliffe, most commonly known as Mrs Hinch, rose to face after posting cleaning tips and recommendations on social media and TV. The cleaning guru has currently gained over four million Instagram followers. Now fans have followed in her footsteps and created Facebook pages dedicated to sharing cleaning tips, including how to remove stubborn toilet bowl stains.

Sharing a picture of the toilet, Becky Preedy wrote: “Any tips to get rid of these stubborn stains please?”

One user commented on the cause behind the stains.

Nan Jones said: “It’s probably a build up of limescale.”

When the entire toilet bowl is turning discoloured and brown, it’s usually caused by a high concentration of limescale in your toilet, caused by hard water.

Homeowners should aim to clean their toilets daily, due to how often it is being used.

There are numerous different methods of tackling toilet bowl stains.

Fortunately, the post was inundated with over 600 comments, with users ready to share their cleaning tips and tricks.

The most popular comment was to use Harpic Power Plus Black Toilet Cleaner.

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Josie-Ann Collins wrote: “Black Harpic overnight! I absolutely swear by this. I’m never going back to normal bleach for toilets.”

Lisa Ecuyer said: “Just Black Harpic, works every time.”

Emma Stringman replied: “Definitely every time.”

Kelly Davey commented: “Black Harpic and leave overnight. Next day scrub and repeat, swill come off 100 percent.”

Kay Lecia wrote: “Black Harpic overnight. Works every time with my clients.”

Elaine Bradfield added: “Black Harpic, honestly mine was worse than this.

“I tried absolutely everything, even sand paper, but this Harpic worked a treat overnight.”

Harpic Power Plus Black Toilet Cleaner cleans the toilet, whilst leaving it disinfected.

It can be picked up from Wilko for £1. There are many other cleaning products available from all supermarkets.

Other group members suggested using Astonish Toilet Bowl Tablets.

Nicola Kelly posted a photo of the product and Shelly Marrissa Dodd replied: “When we moved into our private rented house the toilet was grim, I threw about three down and let it overnight and it was honestly sparkling the next morning.

“They are so cheap too, can’t go wrong.”

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