Unvaccinated LA student speaks out after being removed from class, roped off from classmates

Los Angeles school separating vaccinated students New West Charter School Student Ellah Nahum claims she was separated from her classmates for being unvaccinated. Let Them Breathe founder Sharon McKeeman discusses their fight to treat all students equally Parents and students in Los Angeles are filing suit over the vaccine mandate after a charter school separated unvaccinated students, refusing to let […]

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Mark Levin blasts Al Franken for comparing America to 1930s Germany

Mark Levin slams Al Franken over Nazi comparison Radio’s ‘The Great One’ joins ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ with reaction and analysis to the latest news Fox News host Mark Levin slammed comedian and former Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., for comparing the United States to Nazi Germany, telling “Jesse Watters Primetime” that leftists are simply whining about not getting their way. Host […]

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Urgent warning 5G service rollout could cause 'CATASTROPHIC' disruption to aircraft within DAYS, carriers say

A 5G SERVICE rollout could cause "catastrophic" disruption to aircraft in just a matter of days, carriers are urgently warning. JetBlue Airways Chief Executive Officer Robin Hayes shared a memo on Monday to company employees warning about how the new AT&T and Verizon service could affect airlines. In the January 17 warning, Hayes said the change will "further stress our […]

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