The 15 best places to work in Austin, according to local employees

  • If you are considering working in Austin, Texas, you may be interested in one of these top-rated companies.  
  • Comparably used ratings from greater Austin employees to rank the best workplaces in the metro area.
  • The following are the top 15 companies, and the full Comparably list by city can be found here.
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15. NXP Semiconductors

Industry: Semiconductors

Employee’s quote about the company: “I love the team spirit and innovation we share, both in what we do and how we do it.”

14. Amazon

Industry: Ecommerce and cloud computing

Employee’s quote about the company: “Amazon sets the individual up for success. They want you to grow constantly so you can reach heights you didn’t know you could. They recognize hard work in each individual and rewards them.”

13. IBM

Industry: Computer enterprise software

Employee’s quote about the company: “I love the opportunity to learn and grow for a better tomorrow. I see a path now that I never saw before.”

12. Sport Clips

Industry: Beauty and barbershop

Employee’s quote about the company: “Best company I’ve ever worked for in the hair industry. It’s been consistently positive, and working with my current team leaders has pushed that positivity over the top!”

11. The Knot Worldwide

Industry: Wedding and event management

Employee’s quote about the company: “The team is very welcoming and inclusive. Everyone is encouraged to participate in team activities and is seen as an expert in their role/department. No hierarchy.”

10. H-E-B

Industry: Retail supermarket

Employee’s quote about the company: “Just a very caring and giving company. H-E-B really values partners and I feel appreciated for what I do everyday!”

9. Google

Industry: Internet cloud computing

Employee’s quote about the company: “Google is focused on success for the customer and very concerned about the employee culture being positive.”

8. OJO Labs

Industry: Machine learning

Employee’s quote about the company: “Our company culture is very much one that leads with empathy. At OJO, I feel included and valued as an integral part of a high-performing team.”

7. A Cloud Guru

Industry: E-learning platform

Employee’s quote about the company: “This is one of the best places I’ve been, from the recruiting and onboarding phase through the day-to-day employee experience.”

6. OutboundEngine

Industry: Marketing and advertising

Employee’s quote about the company: “There is an overarching positive culture here, which makes going to work each day enjoyable.”


Industry: Artificial intelligence

Employee’s quote about the company: “Absence of politics, no gaming the system, and nobody who just climbs over others’ head instead of doing valuable work. We have something very special going on.”

4. Indeed

Industry: Employment and recruiting

Employee’s quote about the company: “To keep it simple, it’s been absolutely amazing and a blessing to work here!”

3. Dell Technologies

Industry: Information technology and services

Employee’s quote about the company: “Winning Together is a Dell Company Value and my team exemplifies this through meetings and projects daily. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed.”


Industry: Real estate tech

Employee’s quote about the company: “ has embraced the tech spirit, from the talented team members who genuinely care about the work they’re doing, but also each other to the innovation driving leadership keeping us all focused around our North Star.”

1. Whole Foods Market

Industry: Retail supermarket

Employee’s quote about the company: “Whole Foods is a great place to work, from exciting initiatives and a strong mission to supportive co-workers. Hands down the best company I’ve ever worked for.”

Here is the full list for Austin, Texas:

Method and data source

Comparably’s latest award of the best companies to work in various cities looks at highly-rated companies according to the employees that work in the area. These city breakdowns include Seattle, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas, among others.

Austin, Texas, has gained interest among buzzy employers over the past year, with Oracle moving its headquarters there and other tech companies moving to the growing tech hub. The metro area has also been growing in population size over the past decade.

To rank the best companies in this metro area, Comparably used anonymous employee ratings from people who work in the greater Austin area. Feedback was collected over a 12-month period, starting on March 22, 2020. Questions asked on the site cover different workplace metrics, like leadership and work-life balance.

Employee quotes and industry categories mentioned above are from Comparably and provided to Insider. This ranking can also be found on Comparably here as well as the full ranking by city here.

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