Playing NCAA tournaments amid COVID-19 offers bettors chances to beat oddsmakers

March Madness played during the pandemic could provide sports bettors with an unique opportunity: beat the oddsmakers to COVID-19 information that could impact a game.

More specifically, inside information that a player in the men's or women's NCAA tournaments will miss a game after testing positive for COVID-19 or possibly being exposed to COVID-19, said Nick Bogdanovich, Director of Trading at William Hill, a leading sports betting company.

“It’s just a battle to get the news first,’’ Bogdanovich said. “It happens all the time, non-COVID stuff.

“I would say (top professional gamblers) definitely beat us to the punch more than we beat them. They beat the bushes pretty hard to get that information.’’

Max Bichsel, vice president at Group, said the hunt is on.

“There’s teams of guys that are just scouring Twitter, scouring social media, trying to understand what’s happening and the potential implications, especially for COVID,’’ Bichsel said. “It’s a lot easier than it was 20 year ago, when information was not transferred as quickly.

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