L.A. County Coronavirus Update: Two New Deaths Confirmed And LAPD Officer “Coughing and Sweating” On Job Tests Positive

Los Angeles County public health officials say two more people in the county have died from coronavirus, while 59 new cases have been identified.

These latest figures, released Saturday, bring the confirmed total cases across the county to 351 and four deaths.

In another development Saturday night, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that a third department employee has tested positive for the virus.

“The LAPD has identified a third employee who has a confirmed case of COVID-19,” the LAPD tweeted. “A uniformed officer assigned to our Central Division exhibited symptoms that were characteristic of the disease earlier this week, and was sent home when a supervisor became aware.”

The Central Division patrols portions of downtown L.A., including skid row. The police department said it has now “disinfected all of the individual’s work spaces and any common areas” in the station.

In a subsequent tweet, the LAPD said it “has established guidelines for all employees who either exhibit symptoms of the virus or come in contact with someone who may be infected.” It’s unclear what those new guidelines include.

The LAPD statement came just as the Los Angeles Times reported that an officer in the Central Division recently returned from vacation outside of the country, and was “coughing and sweating” on the job.

The paper said several officers in the station raised concerns about the individual, however the “affected officer was allowed to work for at least two days this week.”

It’s unclear if the officer interacted with the public in any capacity. The officer was tested, and a positive result came back today.

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